Saturday, December 18, 2010

the Christmas concert

Thursday night was the school (elementary part, that is) Christmas concert.
Quite an extravaganza, let me tell you.

(and side note: try to buy or sew nice, fancy dresses for the girls for next year....
They were ever so slightly out of place in their hand-me-down sundresses. They were playing the role of "the poor missionaries getting old clothes from the Christmas barrels" very well. Truly speaking, it didn't seem to bother them, or me, that terribly much... )

Here is Lucy, in with the three kindergarten classes.
She is so very cute.
And I'm not biased.
Not at all.
And Cade with his first grade class.
Making his "stink-face", as his kindergarten teacher in Fairfield called it.
Fortunately we haven't seen the "stink-face" nearly so much any more.
He looked very handsome in his preppy shirt.
Took a little force from the father-figure to get him in it.

During the last song of the concert, the teachers set off about 12 huge crackers that sprayed out confetti everywhere.
It was pretty fun.
Cade naturally started piling it all on top of his head.

Some of the Casa G. boys came to see the kids.
Here is Mia stealing Lucy's new best friend, Alejandro.
Somehow Alejandro makes it into most pictures.....
And Mia again with Ricardo.
She's not very happy with him right here, because he stole her sunglasses and she chased him around for a few minutes trying to get them back.
Fatigue set in and so did the tears of frustration.
She got over it.
And got her sunglasses.

We did do some videotaping of the event.
Maybe I'll see if I can figure out how to put that on here....
Oh, and there aren't any pictures from during the concert because it was not allowed.
Only about 146 people disobeyed that request.

We, surprisingly, weren't one of them.

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