Monday, December 6, 2010

i loved today

Today was a great day.
Although I messed up the pictures, again.
They are in the wrong order of how I wanted to write.
But you can deal.
I guess I can too.

The boys were over - or at least some of them at various times - most of the day today.

It was Quito Day - so there wasn't any school.
And due to some communication breakdown, the boys didn't have lunch arranged, so we had them over for lunch.
Some of them stayed after lunch to hang out and even to help me craft a little.

And due to it being a holiday, their usual dinner plans fell through as well.
(every day they pick up left-overs from a catering restaurant, and that is their dinner)
The restaurant was closed.
So they all came over here for a spontaneous pizza night.
And they stayed until 9:30 doing this....
me, Jesús and Juan Miguel
and this...
and this....
and this....
(the "this" is supposed to be another picture of one of the guys, Jesús, with Cade, making perler bead things..... it was a cute one, but for some reason it wouldn't load)
For some reason, all the guys got really into making these perler bead things.
We are going to need to stock up on them - they had a great time.
It was pretty hilarious seeing them get all into it.

Debbie also came over for the afternoon to help me make finally things for the craft fair.
She's assembling a bunch of hot cocoa packs that we will sell.
Of course, what would a visit from the guys be without some leaping off of buildings?
We can't waste a wonderfully sunny day without some attempt at bone-breakage, right?
As I said, I mixed up the pictures.
So this pic. of Lucy was supposed to be last.
Oh well.
It is her take on what the boys were doing.
She's so cute!
Notice the headphones on his head?
And another jump - over me.
They love that I love taking pictures of them.
I could have been there the entire day taking picture after picture.
Which reminds me - I have to get these on facebook.
They love love love having me tag pictures of them on facebook.
I have a few to catch up on.
And Lizandro....
It really is crazy what they do.
Somehow it doesn't make me nervous.
Although it might soon, as Cade seems to want to do everything that they do.
Have I told you what a break-dancing fool Cade has become?
More on that another time, I am sure.
In the meantime, he is taking small leaps, but I'm sure he'll want to be doing backflips off the roof sometime soon.

Anyone have a pea-sized crash helmet?

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