Wednesday, December 15, 2010

five-year-old potty mouth

Life is really good.
But sometimes I wish there were a constantly rolling video camera so that we could relive moments over and over and over again...
and share them with others.
(although with other moments, that whole idea is very very frightening!!)

The absolute hilarity of a certain 3 minutes of our day was such an occasion.
Oh how I wish I could have it recorded.

I'm sure I will completely slaughter the telling of this story, but work with me here.
You have to imagine it happening....

Lucy comes home from school today and as soon as she enters the house she says something I hope that she didn't say.
It sounded a lot like "damn".

She said is a few more times as she got closer and closer to me.
"damn, damn, damn..."

I ask her what she is saying.

Eric walks in the door, wondering what is going on.
"Where did you hear that word, Lucy"
"From ______ , at school. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn...."
She starts to put it to song.
"Damn, damn, damn, damn..."

Eric and I are desperately trying to keep a straight face.
It isn't working.

She continues to sing.... and now dance, to her new song.
We are not quite sure why she is suddenly fascinated by one new word.

"Are you singing about a beaver?"
"No. Damn, damn, damn, damn..."

Between suppressed smirks and snickers (fortunately Lucy hasn't noticed us trying to contain ourselves), Eric kneels down to explain to her what is the nice form of dam and the not so nice form of damn.

Without missing a beat,
and no thought of remorse, repentance or embarrassment, the song changes.

"Beaver dam, dam, dam, dam, dam....."

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