Friday, December 3, 2010

gingerbread houses? - Dec. 3

You will not be seeing any gingerbread houses here.
Not today.
Yes, it was the activity planned for today.

Maddy got home very late from school.
She had soccer practice,
was done at 5:15,
I got a call at 5:40 from a friend saying that she was still there,
I asked her to call Eric (I was out of minutes on my cell),
got another call from another friend saying Maddy was still there,
had that friend call Eric,
second friend brought Maddy home,
Maddy home at 6:00.
Eric home slightly after.
Eric blamed entirely for forgetting our daughter.

Mia went to a friends for night as well.
So needless to say, gingerbread houses didn't happen.

But, Quito Day festivities did happen!
Quito Day is on Monday - Dec. 6 (also known as St. Nicholas Day in other parts of the world).
The kids don't have school and they had programs and festivities today.
Fun times.

Lucy did great with her class - singing a song in Spanish.
She was really into it and was so fun.
Cade was also rather cute and sweet....
while he sat on his chair and didn't participate with his class
(no one was surprised here).
At least he was willing to wear the required red and/or blue.
That was something to be proud of.
Mia really really didn't want me to take her picture.
I took several, in fact.
This is the one that came closest to turning out.
She was very uncooperative!
Her class had the "sweets" part of the program.
They talked about all of the traditional "dulces"/sweets.
So they all dressed up as bakers and handed out samples to the audience.
Seventh through twelfth grades got to go on "chivas".
They road around the city for a little over half an hour.
We've seen a few of these chivas around just in the last few days.
Some of them are kind of double-decker bus-ish.
Her class was a little unhappy because their chiva had benches.
The other classes' didn't - they got to stand and dance.
Perhaps it is motivation to carry on through the grades in order to attain a more awesomer chiva in the future.

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