Thursday, January 30, 2014

random christmasness

Can you believe I still have to write a bunch about Christmas?  Ya, I can believe it too.  I'm still going to though - for posterity sake.  If I don't do it now, I'm still going to need to do it when it comes time to print it all out for the book, so I may as well get at it one month later rather than several.  I won't be sad or hurt if you just skip right over this nonsense.  In fact, I won't even know....
The first gift under our tree this past Christmas was actually a birthday gift for Maddy, from Lucy.  She's sweet and thoughtful like that. 
One of the most entertaining and smile-worthy moments this December was watching Lucy watch videos that her and her friend Sierra made with photobooth back in Ecuador.  Lucy was just cracking up over and over as she watched herself and her best buddy being goofy.  It was so sweet too seeing her miss her friend.  It was actually pretty telling as well.... partly about her personality and partly about her life experience thus-far.  While Lucy has missed her friends, she doesn't really lament them as the rest of us might.  I think she is so used to having friends leave or her leaving friends that this is just part of how life is.
A common sight that we are trying to overcome.  It may look like the rapture, but no, it is just Lucy's usual method of removing her ski pants.
Common sights in our home.  Lots of "selfies" (I'm cool like that - I know the lingo!).
I just finished telling my boss at work today that I have no problem posting ugly pictures of myself (was a conversation about the fantasy land we put ourselves and others in when we only post the best of ourselves on all the social media).
Shortly after Christmas we received a very wonderful Trader-Joes delight of a package from Oma and Opa.  Oh, the wonderful things that package contained.  We were all beyond delighted!!

And some more new Christmas ornaments that I haven't shown yet.  This one Lucy bought for me.
This is Lucy's thrift store ornament that I talked about earlier.  She has no love for it.  I do.
And a little art work that hung out at our house over the holidays.
The fireplace giant coloring page from (I think I mentioned them earlier).

A little more Christmas to come and then we'll move on to a little more current affairs.  Patience.

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