Monday, January 6, 2014

bitter - the word of the day

Bitter as in cold.
Bitter as in bitter students.
Apparently ours was the only school division from here to Calgary (distance of 870 miles) that had school today.  Everyone else canceled school due to the cold.  Our division's policy is that it has to be both -35 in temp and -45 in windchill for school to be cancelled.  At 6:00 a.m. (which is the time the make the decision by), it was -35 temp and -44 windchill….. so school was on.
Bitter.  Very very bitter.
(the photo below was taken around 9:00 when it already warmed up!)
The windchill is also supposed to get to -46 today.  Fun.
In other news. 
I got the weirdest thing on my phone the other day.  I was checking my email and came across this very strange message (or no message, as the case may be).  Look at the "No Sender".  Notice the date in particular (smudged out one of the emails for privacy sake, that is why it looks so funny).
So um ya, kind of creepy.  And it is dated two days after my birth.  Hmmmm.  Any of you computer-techie type geniuses know what in the world that is all about?  How could something like that even show up?  Weird.
On a less creepy note - well, some of you may be frightened…..
That pile down there is all mine (the boxes of hair color aren't).
Ta Da!!!
 The only issue is that now my neck is freezing so I need to wear a scarf, turtleneck, cowl or something.  Thankfully I just finished knitting a cozy grey cowl over the holidays.  I may be wearing it a lot!
Update:  The kids came home from school and Cade and Lucy freaked out.  They are not fans of the hair change!!
Another update (several hours later):  Lucy said I look like I am 35 now with my haircut.  Can't be that bad after all!

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