Wednesday, January 15, 2014

project Cade…. or projected Cade and other wacky stuff

Well, it is finally sunrise when I head off to work for 8:00 a.m.  Nice to have the days getting longer again.
 After having the coldest December in Manitoba for 80 years, having the temperatures reach those as cold as Mars (literally), we are now having really weird weather.  Today for example, it was crazy blowing snow - horrible wind chill because the wind was so strong.  But now, at 10:00, it is rising in temperature instead of cooling down like it normally does when the sun goes down.  It is beautiful outside.
 The forecast, however, could shut schools down.  If it does what it is predicted, there will be a snow day.  Unfortunately, it will still be a work day for yours truly.
It has been cold (more normal though) for three or four days, then it will warm up to just barely below freezing for a day, and then back down for a few days… only to go back up.  So weird.
Cade was home sick the past two days but went today.  We've had cupcakes waiting (for his birthday which was Monday) and his project sitting at home waiting for his return to school.  Well, today he went.
He had to do a presentation and had planned to jump out of it (he did it on a box).  Then he decided this weekend that it was lame and he wasn't going to do it.  There was no way, in fact, that he was going to do it.  Well apparently he changed his mind!  His teacher captured the footage for us, 'cause she is awesome like that.

She said he did a fabulous job.  We were so glad he did it - love the individuality he has.  You never know what day will bring what desire or mood, but we are thankful that today brought bold uniqueness!

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