Friday, January 3, 2014

paper delivery update

So for quite a while now, Eric has been solo on the paper delivery front.  I helped last week when our delivery day was on a delightful only minus 5 or so degree day.  We actually picked up an extra route that day and I rather enjoyed doing it.  But these minus 30 days?  I don't really need to say much.
The main reason I haven't been doing much is because I work on those days (although I may not anyway because of the stinking cold).  This week, however, I was available, as were the kids.
Mia was the only one who volunteered and she did it very enthusiastically.  I drove, Eric delivered to the houses on one side, Mia to the other side.  When he can, Eric delivers while riding his bike - yes, even in the snow.  But days like that (two days ago), you just can't be outside that long.  And it was cold.  And they ran.  In and out of the car.  Freezing their booties off.  We were pretty impressed with our girl - not complaining, running hard, braving the elements, helping out.  She's got a good work ethic, that one.  Proud of that girl.

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