Friday, January 10, 2014

an ode to a brook

Not an ode as in a babbling brook that you quietly rest beside.  An ode to a babbling Brook-lyn who makes you smile a lot because she is fun, cute and, my favorite, quirky.
Apparently Brooklyn -my darling niece- is my best blog follower.  So I thought I'd post a little surprise for her, so I can show her the love back.
To Brooklyn, the stalker*

Funny face maker,
creative-sewer**, crafter,
my little niece is my-heart-after.
How could I not love one of my flesh
especially one with whom I do mesh.
She is divine, this niece of mine.

She makes me laugh,
she makes me smile,
she reminds me of me,
when I was a chil'***

Passionate, vivacious, outgoing and free
That is what I think of, when I think of thee.
Those qualities admired was nothing I was
and they'll serve you well,
I know this because
God made you just like that,
a perfect creation
He made you, dear Brooklyn, as His imitation.

You shine out with brightness that is most contagious
He'll use you to "show" Him,
if you are courageous.

So please always be, just who you are
full of unique-silly-creativeness,
stuff we wish we could jar.
We'd put you on shelves, 
across all the land
And we would make millions selling
"Brooklyn-Happiness" Brand.

*just kidding!!
** not a sewer (get your mind out of the gutter, literally) - a sew-er
*** as in "honey chil'.... pretend I have a southern accent for that little bitty part

 (my personal favorite below.... very good chick-face, Brook)

I love you Brooky-pie!

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