Wednesday, January 22, 2014

sk8ing - 'cause we're cool like that

 The kids have been dying to go skating and finally, finally, the weather has been nice enough.  And they had a ball.  Before we went (this is way back on Jan. 11th), Lucy built a "fort" by digging a tunnel in the snow bank in our front yard.  She decorated it with evergreen branches and other lovelies like that.  Then she carved chunks of hard snow into hearts and things.

Then off we went to the outdoor rink by the library. Naturally, the cousins needed to come along - it would be difficult to have any fun without them!

The kids have not had much experience skating so they were mostly learning.  They all did amazingly well, though.  Even though you would find them often on their booties, they would get back up again and keep trying.  We were so impressed by their good attitudes and tenacity.  Even when their were a few tears (see above), they kept going.
Mia in particular was often on the ice - flailing around.... all it did was make her laugh, which was great.  Eric told Lucy at one point that if you weren't falling, you weren't trying hard enough.  In her good attitude, she kept smiling and saying that every time she fell.

Cade the skating photo-bomber.....

Skating just might be the new favorite family activity.  Its a good one.

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