Saturday, January 4, 2014

working girl

I should be blogging about Christmas stuff - trying to catch up - but I need something a little more simple.  My brain needs simple.  My brain is simple.
So lets talk about work.
I am now working in the library at Steinbach Bible College/Steinbach Christian High School.  Actually, I've been off all of Christmas break, which has been lovely, and I've only worked here and there before that.  But come Tuesday, I will be working full days, Tuesday through Friday.  It isn't the most exhilarating work, but my boss is fantastic, the people are great, and I love the bible college/high school environment.  Right up my alley.  I am so thankful for this job.  If I have to work, this is a great place.
And they have one of them fancy Kuerig or whatever they are called thingies.  And I get to drink as many of them as I want.  The unfortunate thing is that I really don't drink a lot of hot beverages, so they won't lose a lot of money on me.  But it is still cool.
I did get a really cool camera lens mug from the parents of the bride from one of the weddings I shot in summer 2012.  They sent the mug to me about a month ago - we've kept in touch here and there.  They are really sweet people and obviously very thoughtful!  He, the father, saw the mug, thought of me and mailed it out here to Canada!
There is a lounge kind of room that is attached to the library - newly done - and the students can pay a buck and use the Keurig/Kuerig/Hot beverage maker machine thing.  Then my boss also keeps whipped cream and chocolate and caramel syrup in the fridge for them (and us) as well.  She is pretty thoughtful like that.
On my fourth or so day of work, I even found some homemade goodies on my desk from one of the groups of students.  That was pretty thoughtful.
During my tour and orientation in the library, I happened to notice that one of the books in the Mennonite history section (it is a Mennonite bible college) looked an awful lot like my family history tree book.  Sure enough.  It was.
And look there - yours truly with her family.  A lovely family photo taken with the fake fireplace backdrop.
I was THRILLED one day when I came into work and my boss said "today I'd like for you to do something with the display case downstairs".  She apologized, asked if that was okay and said I could just put some of the newest books on the shelves in there.  Once I saw how big the case was, and that I could take the shelves down, I knew I couldn't just stick books up there.
I also needed to incorporate some embroidery artwork from the grade 9 class, which worked out well.
It says "Cozy up with a good book.  Reading warms the brain" (well, it is a drawing of a brain).  The chair came out kind of lame and saggy, but since it was made very quickly out of a piece of cardboard, an old pillow and some fabric that I didn't want to cut up, it was okay.
The last two days before Christmas break I was on my own as my boss took a few days off early to fly to her in-laws.  It was very slow and quiet, but nice too.  Eric even stopped by and brought me my favorite - a Tim Hortons maple glazed donut.  Well, I had to have a keurig hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel sauce to go with it.  I had to.

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