Wednesday, January 22, 2014

fargo and this guy

This past weekend I got to have the rare privilege of a night away with just my boy (and Glenda and Cole).  As sort of a birthday-ish celebration for this guy, we took the boys to Fargo for a night and even had them skip school as we went from Sunday to Monday.  I thought I was brilliant in that plan because the hotel, etc. wouldn't be crowded on a Sun./Mon.  Unfortunately I forgot to consider that we were going to the US and there are different holidays there…. we encountered Martin Luther King Jr. day.  We still had a fabulous time regardless.
One of the highlights was a trip to Toys 'R' Us.  Cade treated himself to a Perplexis ball.  And that perplexes ball kept him occupied a good long time.  Instead of nose in an electronic device of some variety, the boy had his nose buried in this gizmo.  Walking through stores, in the restaurant, in the car. Pretty cool.
 After a bit of shopping, we headed to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.  Well, we headed there but took a while to find it.  A long while….. even though it was only about 3 minutes from the hotel.  Finally we got smart and used Glenda's gps. (Cade's idea) (and he just wrote that….).

 Cade's dinner.  Grilled cheese and "fresh" green beans.  The fresh green beans were actually cooked.  He thought they'd be raw.  Actually, I think he thought they would be Debbie Douce's cooked green beans, but he was thoroughly disappointed.  He misses Debbie's green beans.
 I was a little less healthy and went for a ginormous hamburger with bacon, cheese, onion rings and bbq sauce.  It looked and sounds better than it was.  And a side of fries.  Not quite as fresh as the green bean choice, but much tastier.
 The hotel had a great pool - which is why Glenda smartly chose it.  The boys had an great time crawling on the floaty pad things, roughing up their hands on the rope ladder and being dumped on by the water buckets.  The big event was throwing balls into the buckets and then jumping through the dumped out water and balls when the bucket tipped over.  Several minutes of video footage were shot.

 Sunday was a beautiful day.  Mild and gorgeous.  Monday, on the other hand, got stinking cold.  Crazy the difference a few hours can make.
It is not often that a mother gets away with just her son.  But let me tell you, it needs to happen more often.  Time with a son is much different than time with a daughter.  Both great - but very different.  And this stuff needs priority in my mind.  I loved loved loved my time with my boy!

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