Thursday, January 16, 2014

the big 1 1

Cade, the birthday boy, was sick on his birthday.
Cade, the birthday boy plus one day, was sick the next day.
Cade, the birthday boy plus two days, was fine, but loved ones where busy.
Cade, the birthday boy plus three days, finally had a party.  Today.

 He prefers to clap out candles, rather than blow…. just an old Casa G trick.

The party was family only.  And not all family.  Auntie Jann and Uncle Chris live pretty far away for a very short party.  And we unfortunately do kind of one group of the family for some events and one group for others.  Sucks….. but it is how it is.
It is rather nice having a son who just wants family and not a fancy party with a bunch of wild yahoos running around.  Makes life much much easier.  Plus really, who better to celebrate with?
I love that son of mine.  He's a keeper.

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