Monday, January 6, 2014

christmasy stuff

Christmas is, among many things, the season of glitter at our house.  This year was no exception although it was a mild one compared to most.
One of the best ideas I had this year was to put out a basket of nuts, some little pails and nutcrackers.  Well, at least I thought it was a great idea.  There were several times of just sitting around with one or two of the kids or with Eric, cracking and eating nuts together, chatting and just hanging out.  Plus it was a great healthy filler.  It just kind of made a good place to gather and be.

Later I got smart and put some cheery green and white polka-dot fabric at the bottom of the basket to stop the mess of little bits of nuts and shell making its was out of the basket.  The little pails were to put in the shells to keep the place a little neater - it worked well.
Cade decided that not only were the nuts good to eat but the whole "display" could turn into a nice structure to build a cardboard ramp on for his hot wheels cars that he got from his secret santa.

It is hard to see from this picture, but one day before Christmas it was snowing beautifully - my favorite - when there are big flakes that fall slowly down.  I had Christmas music on and I was setting up a little hot cocoa and tea bar/station.  It felt like the perfect, picturesque Christmasy day.  So peaceful, beautiful and fan.  Top that off with a little Andy Stanley sermon and felt I was set for the season.

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