Friday, February 7, 2014

burning down the house and other christmasy stuff

I'm pretty much falling asleep on the sofa while I write this, but I'm just feeling like a better get to posting!  Maybe I'll be more interesting when I'm half asleep.  Actually, maybe you'd think I'd be more interesting if you were half asleep.....
First some cell phone fun.  Lucy really really likes to take pictures.  Especially with my *new* phone.  Yes, we finally got phones.... cell phones that is.  The iphone 4, to be exact.   Who needs a stinkin' iphone 5 for a lot of cash when you can get a 4 for freeeeee.  Those US residers are probably baffled by this statement as you most likely can get a 5 for free with a plan, but Canada doesn't quite work the same way..... read, they charge you through the nose for everything.  It is expensive to live here - ridiculous!  Anyway....

You know.... I'm changing my mind.  I'm stopping right here (fyi, it is Dec. 13 at 11:54 p.m.).  I'm not stopping because I can hardly move my fingers on the keys anymore, but looking at the photo below, I realized that it won't make any sense unless I finish my "Thanksmas" post first.  So I'm done for today. By the time you read this you will possibly already have read Thanksmas and then you'll get what I was about to tell you.  Actually, really you might not.  If you are anything like me, you go to your friends' blogs only once every few weeks to catch up and then you end up reading things in reverse because you slacked off and are several posts behind.... the bad thing about posting "most recent first".  Still stopping though.... because now my bed is luring me.  'night.

I'm baaaaack!  Just a month and a half later.  That was one long break.  Well, Christmas is only 11 months away so maybe this will get you in the spirit.  Nothing like planning ahead, I always say.  Way ahead.
So we always celebrate St. Nicholas Day at our house.  Dec. 6; seis de diciembre.  It is also Quito Day, but we didn't do much celebrating in that regard this year.
The kids did their usual putting their shoes outside their doors and a certain representative of St. Nick, filled the shoes with lovely things.  Since the basement, where three of the kids sleep, is very dark, I had to equip myself.  Charming.
Mia and Cade's
Lucy's (Maddy's were in the even deeper bowls of the basement, so no picture of hers).

One evening in December, Glenda and I took Brooklyn and Mia to a local nursery that also has a beautiful coffee shop and gift store.  They have many, many amazingly decorated trees.  All kinds of different themes and gorgeous to fun to whimsical ornaments.  We had a lot of fun looking around.  The girls had a lot of fun chasing around the store's cat.  Brook especially.
One of may favorite things was seeing that they were selling giant sugar pine cones for $9 a piece, and I had brought a pile from Hume Lake for free.  I should have brought a bunch more, sold them and made a small fortune!
This next photo doesn't have much to do with Christmas but it has a lot of do with hilarity!  It is Cade's monthly reading record.  They are strongly encouraged to read more than just one type of literature.  Different genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, newspapers, etc. are all suggested.  Cade spent some time reading the bible for his reading time.  In the column labelled "genre" for the bible he wrote "totally non-fiction".  We pretty much now always refer to the bible as totally non-fiction.
Maddy was very cold so naturally she warmed her hands over her pot of potstickers.
I was pretty excited way back when, when I found two veggie tales Christmas snow globes at the thrift store.  Both Cade and Lucy wanted snow globes and these were very cute.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice in the store the reason that they were at the thrift store.  Don't get too grossed out at the pictures.

Some extremely gross floaty goop in these bad boys.  Disgusting.

There seems to be something with us and real Christmas trees.  We have issues.  And it never helps my side of the argument when I want to get a fresh one instead of fake.  This year it was a broken tree stand.  Yes, another thrift store purchase.  In spite of this blog post, I have found many, many good things there!
We had the tree in it already when we noticed a bunch of water on the carpet.  Turns out it had a crack in a spot that was pretty tough to see.  With some jimmying, Eric managed to make it work for the season, but it got tossed when we were done.

We also had an "incident" back in December.  My mom gave us a candle that Mia had made for her many years ago when she was in 4H.  We figured we may as well use it for our Christmas decor.  Unfortunately we left it burning.  The middle burned down pretty far so we didn't see the flame with the sides still so high.  Fortunately Eric noticed it before it caused a serious house fire.
This is what he captured with his iPhone:
Not good.  We are pretty thankful that God spared us in that one!

And the picture below is simply one of my most important and favored bits of Christmas decor.  Made for me by Eric when we were first dating... he burned the words in drift wood with a magnifying glass. Ah.... young love!

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