Thursday, February 20, 2014

olympic mania

We are all about the olympics here at the Ackermann house hold.  While we don't really have a space where we can having them going most of the time, they are on pretty much whenever possible.  During dinner, we having the computer at the table with us.  During Saturday morning breakfast, it is going as well.
And after everyone else has cleared away, Lucy still remains.... if it is ice skating, that is.  She has determined that she is going to be an olympic skater - only she doesn't want to wear those "ugly dresses" that they all wear.  I told her that I would be plenty happy if she was the first female ice skater who wore something other than those dresses.

Falling asleep on the couch watching the olympics is good too.  Although I think by the smile on someone's face, she may not really be asleep.....
Cade has also determined that he is going to be an olympic athlete.  Snowboarding, of course.  He wants to do the snowboard cross - speed and jumps combined.  Pretty sure both of these two kids could do it too if they continue to show the determination that they have in learning so far.  The time and expense may be an issue, however.  Snowboarding in particular could be tricky being in Manitoba.  But, I guess if Mark McMorris can do it in Saskatchewan, Cade Ackermann can do it in Manitoba!
Our favourite countries are all at the top too.
I should have also included Germany and the Netherlands (for Opa)... and maybe a little one for Norway on behalf of Mia's class at school (that is who they represent for the school-wide competition). Considering how small Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway are.... I think they are kicking the US's bootie.

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