Thursday, February 20, 2014

giant smoking stogies

Today I was sitting on the couch and getting frustrated with all of the stuff that gets left around.  Then I took a closer look.  This was laying under the coffee table.  How can I get mad about this?
Okay, well, she still doesn't have to leave it laying around, but if she hadn't, I wouldn't have see Lucy's cute drawings.
My mom moved into an apartment complex at the beginning of the month.  All of us most lovely kids were there to assist her, because, of course, we are the most lovely kids.  We all were a little unsure about her move knowing that she had to give up a lot of space, etc. but she is quite happy there.  And if a mom is happy, the world is a better place (I hope my kids and husband read this and take it to heart.....).

At work my boss has been sympathetic to my needs and regularly seeks to give me some creative outlet.  She is great that way.  She's great anyway - but I really appreciate that about her.  We have a little chalk board area in the café connected to the library, so I dabbled a little on there.
She also suggested to the students in charge of decorating for a youth event that they ask me to help.  I was asked to do the theme verse to go with the piratey - nautical theme.  It didn't turn out fabulously (the picture makes it look extra lame) but it provided good memories.
Do you notice the the right side is more narrow than the left?  Well, I wanted to burn the edges so I took it home - I thought the school would appreciate my not setting off the sprinklers in the library....  My initial attempt was a normal, start burning the edge and blowing it out.  The problem was that the paper was sort of coated somehow so it took a while to catch on fire and then was very hard to blow out.  That equals taking-forever-to-burn, so I needed a plan B.  I rolled up the paper as tightly as possible (this is a 5 x 16 foot poster) and Eric and I went outside to try to burn the ends all at once by setting the whole end on fire.
It worked great.  Except for the fact that it was hard to put out - particularly the inside part of the roll.  Eric held it, I lit it and then he doused it out in the snow.  Most of it went out right away, but the inside part was protected so it kept burning.  Once I noticed I had to shove handfuls of snow in the tube to get it out.  And then did it ever smoke!  Eric decided it would make a great giant stogie.
Repeat with the other end of the tube....  It was hilarious.  But you probably had to be there.  And you should have been.
And now I should end this post with these delightful girls.  Bye.

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