Saturday, February 8, 2014

the death of a friend (not a real person, don't worry!), and some other stuff

First in another random post....  Here is a screen shot from my cell phone the other day.  Look carefully at the one "No Sender".  Look at the date.  Um..... creepy.  It is dated two days after some certain (wonderful) person's birthday.  Back when there was no internet.  Back when there were no iPhones.  Back when there weren't any cell phones at all.  And when computers took up a whole huge room.  Ya, so, what is up with that?  Any body else ever had something like this happen to them? (I smeared out the message at the bottom as it was personal and I didn't want you nosing around in my personal business.  The fact that you are reading my blog is enough!)
A whole lot of cuteness.... Lucy reading our devotional before bed.
We have had some random VERY nice days.
And many not so nice.
That day that school was cancelled I was encouraged to stay home from work as well.  It being a Thursday, I helped Eric deliver the paper.  Once again I drove and Eric, Mia and this time also Lucy, delivered the papers.  Those girls are troopers.  And I think they actually like doing it!

Mia had one of those moments that would have made us millionaires (well maybe thousandaires) had we been able to catch it on video.  She leaped well over a snow drift on a drive way while going to deliver the paper.  On the way back she had a little less graceful execution, however.  She leapt and promptly did a spread-eagle into the snow drift.  Face down, of course.  Rather hilarious.  And thankfully she found it hilarious too, 'cause I could hardly have stopped laughing to comfort her if she didn't!  After that, Lucy mysteriously kept falling down as well.  Odd, isn't it?
The picture doesn't really do it justice, but I took this photo to show how the snow had been blasted against the front on the houses and drifts were rampant (even though their driveway was pretty good).  It was a very blustery day!
And now for death.  My laptop had been having issues for a while.  Finally one day he seemed to give up on life.  Eric made several valiant attempts at resuscitation, but alas, he lost him.

I debated for a good long time on the next move.  iPad?  Regular old laptop of some random brand?  Spend the big bucks on another Mac?  The Mac won.  Another cheer for me for not being cheap.  A bigger cheer for Eric in pushing encouraging me to not be cheap.  And a sigh, a moan, and a little whimper for the money spent.

Eric noticed that the movie E.T. was going to be on tv, so he set up a recording.  We were all set to watch it with the kids - he even bought Reese's pieces.  The baulked, however.  And baulked even more.  Fine!  We won't watch one of the fineness movies ever made!  So we didn't.
Until the next day.  And boy, then they saw what they missed!
Eric only told us all about 249 times that he rode the bike across the moon with E.T. at Universal Studios.  That added to our movie-viewing joy.

Early on in the school year, Lucy had to do a project called "I am Canadian".  A little irony there as we still are in limbo about their status.  It has been a year since we handed in the kids' applications for their citizenship certificates.  Still nothing.  But she still is Canadian, darn-it and she still did the project!
Mia has turned into our little baker as of late.  She is taking home ec. - cooking, and gets extra points for making stuff at home.  Eric had to put a kibosh on the frequency as our waistlines were going to explode.  She's pretty talented though, let me tell you!

At work we are pulling non-relavent books off the shelves to make for many, many new books being ordered.  We thought ones like this probably aren't needed any more.  My biggest issue?  I want to take them all home with me.  I love them all.  Just say no, Carla, just say no!
I like old things much too much.

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