Friday, February 7, 2014

snowboarders extraordinaires

Before the snowboarding.... here is a selfie by Eric after a newspaper delivery run.  He hasn't had a lot of nice newspaper delivery Thursdays.  Then again, we haven't had a lot of nice any-days for the past two months.
Here is Lucy to report on last Friday's (The 31st of January) events.  Good ol' mom had to work.

On friday me,Mia,Maddy,Cade,Alex,daddy,and uncle jared went snowboarding on holiday mountain.There was a carpet that took you to the bunny hill, it was so much fun going down the hill!I kept on falling down but it still was fun.Alex helped me learn how to snowboard down the hill.

After we did a few runs down the bunny hill we went to this big steep hill. I was a little bad but i survived down the hill with my daddy. Everyone went down good except me.
(side note:  Apparently Lucy did great for her first time and don't worry, I don't think that she is really being that down on herself.  And best part - she loved it.)

Apparently Cade learned quickly and just went for it.  He took on the hill and started flying down.  I guess he didn't really take time to learn how to stop, so he just figured it out on his own.  He had the right idea but had never perfected it (or even tried it?) so he bit it pretty hard - end over end for 11 feet.
Eleven feet?  Yes, well, apparently he and Uncle Jared measured it after the occurrence.  The best part of it is that he really thought it was more entertaining than anything.  Wasn't too fazed by the tumble.  I like that.

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