Thursday, February 20, 2014

thanks, louis the madman

The past few days have given us amazing weather - mild, clear but still cold enough to not meld the local rink!  So Monday, Louis Riel* day, was mostly enjoyed outside.  And in good Manitoba form, the family built a quincy/quinzhee…. sort of.  I real quincy is a built by digging a hollow out of piled up snow.  Which is what we did, but we cheated by making a different roof.  One wants to not have to crouch down in one's own home, doesn't one?
After many hours of working on the fort in the back yard, they scraped that bad boy and chipped away it's very firm and frozen walls (they used water to ice it over and give it more strength) and used parts of it to build up the entrance of the quincy.
Being that Eric is the biggest and strongest, most of the credit should go to him.  He is not fond of the term quincy, believing it is not even a real term (to which all real Canadians ask "is he a moron?  seriously…."), but we use it anyway.
I spent most of my time distracting the kids away from the real work by wrestling them in the snow and giving (and receiving) snow-washes.  I'm a good and diligent "help-mate" like that.  I know my wifely duties.  The kids are pretty adept at finding their own distractions as well, though - especially having snow much snow, including a huge snow pile, right in our very own back yard.  Aside from playing, building the quincy and all that, Cade put ample time in trying to stay out of camera range.  He is NOT fond of me with my camera.

 *Louis was a politician in Canada and the founder of Manitoba.  He was also a bit of a nut-job, way back when.

In the evening we had Kim and the kids over for dinner and then did a little skating.  Not nearly enough skating for the kids' liking - but is was a school night after all.  Once again, Cade and Lucy in particular practiced their skating skills - a new one Eric taught them - the cross over when taking a curve/corner.  Cade was undaunted.  Pretty much all he did as work on that skill.  He is a focussed guy.

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