Friday, February 7, 2014

red velvet ninja cupcakes (aka: bloddy cupcakes)

This little post is by Lucy.  In her writing this first paragraph, we've discovered that she is pretty stinking hilarious!

On friday i invited my cousin Riley for a sleepover.  On saturday we made cupcakes and opened a store.We called it red velvet ninja cupcakes.  It was not a success for us.  They were all lumpy it was so cool.  When we frosted them my mom (aka blogger) said that they looked like bloody cupcakes.

We ate one of them and Riley lost her tooth.

This is mom (aka blogger) now.....  The girls wanted to sell the cupcakes but didn't have to many customers (Lucy's bedroom wasn't exactly a bustling byway).  That is the main reason that she said "it was not a success for us"... they didn't make a lot of coin.  I was a customer however.

They even wrote out receipts.

I ended up suggesting to the girls that we should bring the cupcakes to Kim (my sister, Riley's mom) at work.  Even though they wouldn't make a lot (or any) money by doing that, and they wouldn't have a bunch more sugar to consume, they would be doing something nice for her and the rest of the people working that day.  At first they weren't thrilled by the idea but then the were happy with their decision.  Giving is better than stuffing your own face.

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