Saturday, August 4, 2012

wedding #3

I realized finally, after loading these pictures, that I didn't need to do them with my watermark.  That was kinda dumb.  Oh well.

The third wedding was that of a fellow Youth Worlder and her Ecuadorian now-husband.  Dana, the bride, is a really fun person.  And that is what she wanted her wedding to be - really fun.  And it was.  For me, the after the wedding part was really not fun.  That is because I had around 150 bug bites (not exaggerating) all over my body.  They were prepared for the horrible bug situation.  The day before - setting up and decorating, they had 100% deet for those of us who were helping.
The day of the wedding, they had bug spray available for everyone as well.   The problem is that I could be found rolling around in the grass taking pictures.  Apparently getting that close to the bugs (don't know what kind they are) means that they don't really care what kind of protection you are wearing - they will feast on you anyway.  I looked like I had the chicken pox.  And yes, they were very, very itchy.
Anywho, I went up on Friday and helped decorate and set up, took photos of the rehearsal and dinner and then stayed the night at the hacienda (where the wedding was) so that I could be ready to start pictures bright and early at 9:00.  Dana was also another laid back bride, which is so nice.

Dana and Andrés did what has become very popular recently - had a "reveal" where they privately (except for the photographers) see each other before the ceremony.  
While I kind of missed the tradition of them seeing each other for the first time when she walks down the aisle, it is a nice way to do it.  Then  a good deal of the photos can be taken before the wedding even begins and the couple can celebrate more with their guests in between the ceremony and reception.  While again, everything was running behind schedule, they still had a fair amount of time before the ceremony when they didn't see each other.  They had the reveal, we took photos of them, then photos of family and some bridal party (we didn't get all of those done because one of the groomsmen put on a beige suit instead of grey.... we had to wait until after the ceremony, once he had grey on!).  This got most of the photos out of the way.  Then the couple separated for a few hours and didn't see each other again until she walked down the aisle.  During that time, she took off her dress and just relaxed for a while.

Part way through the couple photo session, Dana discovered that Andrés was wearing navy blue socks!  Not good.  The other photographer, Dan, who is also part of Youth World, generously took off his black socks and traded with Andrés!

Then the photo shoot went on....

The cake was made by Gina - another Youth World person who also happens to be from Fairfield, CA as well (and the same church).  She is a very talented chef - and cake decorator.  Pretty much everything she makes is sensational.  I made the little fabric flowers that were on the cake.

The ceremony was beautiful.  The reception definitely met the "fun" criteria, but the ceremony was not just fun but so God-honoring.
One of my favorite moments was capturing the flower girl trying to sneakily pick a flower out of one of the bridesmaid's bouquet...

The was an appetizer hour (bocaditos) between the ceremony and reception.  Look at those cute delicious looking mini hamburgers.  Didn't get one but they sure looked great!

Dana also thought about her young guests.  They had special tables, meals and special favors.
They got all kinds of games, snacks and stuff.... including my favorite, glow sticks.

I love this next picture, it isn't a great photo technically speaking, but I love how Dana is taunting all of the ladies with the bouquet.  It is so Dana.
They ended the night having everyone light sparklers which they ran though.  Then they hopped in their car and left.

Another long, but great day.

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