Wednesday, August 22, 2012

cozy projects

So my friend Mari, who has the Inspired by Family website and magazine that I sometimes contribute to, asked for some help with the fall issue.  My suggestion was sweater projects - make a whole bunch of things out of old sweaters.  I had a few sweaters already as I had been wanting to make some of these for a while.  The article provided the necessary motivation!
First project - a lamp shade cover.
 This door sign I made last fall but it was covered in burnt orange (as in the color, not actually burned!) fabric.  I thought I'd cozy it up and cover it with sweater instead.
 Skirt for Lucy
 Hat for Mia
 Bracelets and infinity scarf for Maddy and I to share.
 Leg warmers for Maddy and I to share as well.
 I also invented a drink recipe for the magazine..... quite experimental but lots of fun.  Maddy and Rebecca (a relatively new and absolutely wonderful friend of ours who is going to be teaching at the school this fall) were the taste testers.
The drink is called "toffeed pumpkin café au lait".
 These photos were taken for the cover of the magazine.  Yes, my oldest daughter.... now she can always say she was a cover model!

 I made another owl from the pattern I made almost two years ago - when I made a million (or maybe more like 20) owls to sell to raise money for Casa G. at the Christmas craft sale.
And coasters
 There were a bunch of other things I wanted to make as well, but ran out of time.  Such is life.  Some sweaters were given to me by Julie (thanks Julie!!  love you) and the others were from our own pile of zippers broken, stained and really-need-to-be-done-with sweaters.
You can see the magazine (and a bunch of other photos I took - although they are all, once again, distorted) right here.
(There are also a bunch of photos I took from the summer issue.  The photos always seem to come up catty-wampus and weird, so my pride keeps me from publicizing it, but I need to get over that.)

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