Saturday, August 4, 2012

desi and janoah

I love pregnant people.  Maybe I'm just jealous of pregnant people.  I don't think I really want to pregnant again - the feeling wax and wane - but with all the aches, pains and illness that comes with pregnancies (at least mine), comes incredible joy.  That feeling of a little life inside you, when the baby starts kicking.  Not much can beat that.
And since I AM NOT PREGNANT (just wanted to clarify again!) I just have to revel in the joy for others.
Desi is (was) one of those people.  I love Desi - she is our Dutch friend who works with trafficked girls here in Quito.  She got married a little over a year ago to Casa G.'s first "graduate".  At our Youth World Christmas party, they announced that they were pregnant. 
Desi asked me to do maternity pictures of her a while back but it took us both a while to actually get together and do them.  Good thing we did it when we did - she gave birth two days later!  So a week and a half after I did her maternity photos, I got to do baby Janoah's!  Feast your eyes on these beautiful people!

Mia came with me when I took pictures of the sweet baby girl.  Mia is a wonderful helper with a gentle spirit.

I fell in love with her soft little hands that were peeling.  I'm not sure new parents appreciate these things, thinking it may mean something is wrong, but it is just precious to me.

You can hardly get a more beautiful baby than that.

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