Thursday, August 2, 2012

wedding #1

I thought it was about time I blogged about some of this summer's weddings.  So far I have photographed the three that were booked a while ago and I have one wedding left this summer - one that was booked after I shot this wedding.  I'm pretty excited about how God has been blessing this venture and in turn blessing the ministry of Casa Gabriel financially.  While the rates you can charge here fora wedding are a fraction of what is charged in North America, it is still great for Casa G to have some income with how financially strapped things are.

This wedding, creatively named "wedding #1", was the wedding of Lucy's first grade teacher and the elementary P.E. teacher at the kids' school.  They are both wonderful people and it was so fun to be a part of their wedding. 
The bride invited all of her first grade students to be flower girls and their escorts.  It was so sweet.  Many of the kids couldn't make it but those who could were obviously thrilled to take part in the festivities.  Thankfully they could just wear whatever they wanted - you can see Lucy below in the turquoise, brown and pink floral dress.
After the ceremony it was time for pictures, of course!  I thought I had this great idea for a picture with the kids and the couple.  Turned out it was a lousy idea - only because the kids were completely and utterly uncooperative.  I wanted them to run around the couple throwing flower petals up in the air.  The plan was for the photo to capture the couple clearly and have the kids and the flower petals in a cool looking blur around them.  The kids, however, didn't do a whole lot of running around and instead of throwing the petals in the air, they kept pelting the bride and groom.  After gently admonishing them several times, I finally gave up.  Oh well, it was cute in my mind.....

The bride and groom really planned well for the kids.  They rented a bounce house/slide for the kids and they had their own meal of pizza and soda.  While there, we stole the couple away to give them their gift from the bride's first grade class.
I had all the kids draw a picture of either their teacher or the couple - how they thought they would look on their wedding day.   Then I copied the photos onto fabric and made a quilt with each of their pictures as one of the blocks.  The center is a picture I took of their class with all the kids' names listed.
The kids were very proud of their quilt and I'm pretty sure the bride and groom loved it.

The wedding was beautiful.  Gorgeous - huge - flowers arrangements.  Everything was done so nicely. We'll just let the photos speak for themselves (at least for a little while).

Just before sunset the couple had everyone send off paper lanterns.  It looked beautiful having all the lanterns float up into the sky (while they tried to coordinate it, the lanterns didn't cooperate, so only one or two went up at the same time - is was more of a sprinkle than a shower of light, but pretty none-the-less).

This picture isn't the greatest, but place where the wedding was had a few peacocks roaming around.  Close to the end of the event, I spotted this little beauty.  An albino peacock.  It wasn't very friendly and was quite camera shy, but I managed to get two shots of it.  Incredibly beautiful bird.

The groom had pretty cool cufflinks.  One had a map of New York, where she is from and the other, a map of Ecuador - where he is from.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took.  While I had hoped to capture her a little more in focus (she's close but not quite!), I love the movement of it.

Yes, her eyes really are that beautiful!

The night finished with fireworks.  It was a great day right from the beginning and they did so many fun things to make their day memorable.

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