Friday, August 24, 2012

Cade and Mia's last day of school

Summer is almost over and I have some catching up to do!  I have already started making the next blog book and it is motivating me to finish up all the posts that need to be in there.  Something needed to motivate me!
Cade's last day of school was a pajama party of sorts and my greatest memory of it was him and his friends playing soccer at recess in the pjs.  Cade was wearing soccer jams and soccer slippers, making him extra awesome at the game.  He kept kicking/shooting and his slipper would go flying off his feet.  He and his friend would burst out laughing but keep going with their game.

They also had a special show-and-tell and naturally Cade brought one of his lego creations.  He had some great teachers - Miss Lydia, Señora Luz and Miss Spear.
I would love to tell you that Mia had a fabulous last day of school, but this photo about sums it up.
The kids took turns reading a story that they wrote a few weeks prior.  Yipee.
Actually, they did have snacks and did other fun things spread out throughout the week.  They just needed/wanted something a little more lively for the last day.  Who can blame them when you hear all the other classes partying it up all around you.
Oh well, that was a long time ago.  We'll pretend it is forgotten!

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