Wednesday, August 8, 2012

national watermelon day

This is Mia again.
I am going to talk about our national watermelon day. On Sunday we bought 3 watermelons we cut them in half to carve we drew the faces and then started carving. 
First we carved watermelons. This is Lucy's drawn watermelon.
And Maddy's 
Me and my finished watermelon. 
Maddy and her finished watermelon. 
We also made watermelon hurricane's not a favorite. 
Lucy's finished watermelon. 
Our carved watermelons only lasted 10 minutes our less. Then we scooped all the insides and juiced some and left some in chunks. With the juice we made watermelon popsicles and watermelon jello. Now we are all going to be sick off watermelon.

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