Friday, August 3, 2012

wedding #2

Another beautiful wedding I got to shoot.  The groom is the son of the couple we work with at Casa G. and his now wife is from Ecuador.  They met at Alliance, the school the kids go to.  She could be one of the most wonderful people ever.  They are a great couple and I loved getting to know them both through their wedding planning and the actual wedding day.

The bride had hair and make up people for her, all the bridesmaids and the mothers.  I was quite a remarkable thing having all these people come to the brides house equipped with everything you could possibly dream of to make someone up.  
I was quite fascinated with their eyelash curler - a spoon!  Each of them had a spoon in their apron of brushes and things.  They were all laughing at how enthralled I was with their lash-curling technique!
Quito had been having weeks of perfect weather but sure enough, the day of the wedding, it rained.  Actually, it hailed!  The two dogs were sent outside so as not to disturb the beautification process - then they were forgotten until they were sopping wet, pathetic puppies.

After almost an hour and a half over our time to be at the ceremony, we finally we about to leave.  That is when I saw this car!  I wish I had known about it before - it was a beautiful old Mercedes.  I pretty much insisted that we had to take at least a few minutes for some photos - we were already very late, so why not just add a little more.  The car was too perfect not to take advantage of it.  Unfortunately the whole thing was much more rushed than I would have liked (and I had to start before all the bridesmaids and the bride were ready!)

We made it to the wedding location and everyone was waiting.  Of course, we still didn't start right away, though.

Due to some lack of communication between the couple and the parents, there was another photographer hired for the event as well.  I won't go into the difficulties of this situation but I'll just say that I didn't photograph the ceremony at all.  Really, that part was fine.  I just snuck around and took pictures of the reception area and all that good stuff.

I also had to fight for some time to take pictures of the couple - but I didn't fight very hard.  I finally resigned myself to just do what I could and make sure I didn't get in the other guy's way.  While not what I hoped for, I was happy with some of the shots I got.

The couple had a ring bearer that they didn't know.  He was absolutely precious but wanted nothing to do with the photos.  He would not sit anywhere near the bride or groom for the photos, and even during the whole bridal party photos, he sat as far off as possible.  It was pretty hilarious.

The reception was beautiful.  Actually, is was more like stunning, amazing, breath taking.....
You'll notice some of the photos have a blue or purplish cast to them.... sounds weird but it really was pretty.  I took them and left them that way to represent how the place actually looked.  
The meal was five courses and each one was beautiful.  My favorite was the palette cleanser - a granita served on a ice block that had flowers frozen into it.

The next one isn't a very typical wedding photo, but I was inspired by the guitar on its stand.

Two of the same make up and hair people that were there in the morning were also posted in the women's rest room the entire evening.  Anyone could go into the bathroom and have their hair or make up fixed (or done!) at any point.  If you were too hot from dancing, you could go into the ladies room and they would put your sweaty hair up in some fancy do.

While the wedding was rather overwhelming in how fancy and beautiful it was, the best part was definitely the people.  So many great people were there and both of the families (bride's and groom's) are so wonderful.  It was an amazing celebration.

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