Friday, August 24, 2012

our smarty little maddy

Such a little smarty farty.  She got a bunch of awards - four, I think - for middle school smartness (highest grades in their classes type stuff).  She might just hurt me for putting all these pictures up here.  Don't worry, I can handle her.  She got top student for U.S. History, Sewing, Bible and Art.  What a creative, spiritual little American.  I suppose I should teach her Canadian history..... although I guess that means I would first have to learn it.  Okay, I did learn it, I just don't remember it.  Something about Tache.....

Being that she in on stuco (student council) she gave out some of her own awards..... special gifts to Mrs Gamboa, the middle school director.
Hyelim, Mikala, Mrs Gamboa, Maddy and Mr Yoder - her and her bestest peeps.  Yes, she hung out with Mrs. Gamboa and Mr. Yoder almost as much as her girl friends.

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