Thursday, August 2, 2012


Time and time again this summer I have written blog posts in my head, never to get them down on "paper" - or on the blog, that is.  I've been rather ridiculous.  But there are a few things that I just need to scribble down for posterity sake.  Or because I am just finally doing it.

Last Sunday we were walking home from church when I asked Eric "Are you tape recording the diving?" - referring to the olympics.  All the kids looked at me like I was a crazy person and then the mockery commenced.  As I wrote on Facebook, it would have been more subtle if I had stamped "child of the 80s" across my forehead.  Even Eric mocked me because I said "tape record" instead of just "tape" - pointing out my Canadian-ness.

Another comical situation.  Lucy was playing in our room one afternoon.  She came running up to Eric in the family room saying "the black cat is in the back yard, the black cat is in the back yard".  Eric just sort of looks at her like "yah, so?".  So Lucy puts on her most sincere face and says "Daddy, can you please go kick it?"
Yes, the black cat is not a friend of ours and it has been kicked once or twice before as Eric has tried to defend our fortress and its contents.

And finally, recently you can often find Cade washing dishes.  The reason is this:
A mere $400 here in Ecuador - thankfully much lower on $76.56. 
He is trying to earn as much money as possible.  It is rather hilarious how often he goes to the sink in search of something to wash.  He is not quite as keen on cleaning his room and making his bed for the money - but he is willing (the kids are required to clean their room and do chores.....but if they make their beds, clean their rooms and do chores without us needing to ask them or with good attitudes when we do ask, they can earn some allowance).  We should have a more tidy place - at least until the purchase is acquired.

I'm not about to tell him about this:
Almost $400 on amazon, and probably over $1000 if they had it here!

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