Wednesday, August 8, 2012

christmas in july

This is Lucy.  I am writing about our Christmas week.
We made popcorn stings with beads and we put them on the Christmas tree.

We made Christmas cookies and we frosted them later in the day.  There were stars, Mary, wise men, angles, Christmas trees and lost of other ones.

Here is Mia and Cade doing their Christmas cookies.
Mmm, mmmm, mmmm!!!
We had sprinkles, pink icing, purple icing and all yummy kinds of sprinkles.
And they were all very pretty.
There is a wise man and a gingerbread guy and a holly leaf.
Here is the Christmas tree with all the decorations on it.
We made butterflies, snowflakes. And we put cookie cutters on the tree.
Here is the christmas tree toping
I made the tree topper in a cross.  It says Jesus Loves Us and it has hearts all over it.

We made snowflakes and hung them in the middle of the doorway.
My mom made eggnog with coke.
We all made presents for each other.  Maddy made me a rainbow bracelet.
There is Cade's bracelet.
I gave Mia, Maddy, and Cade sparkly rocks and shells.  Mia, instead of getting another two shells, she got a ring.

Momma took a picture of me and Mia of Mia's presents and me.
Cade made some picture with some fabric and he painted around it.  I got a butterfly, Mia got a penguin and Maddy got a dolphin.
There is me with my picture frame.  Cade didn't want to get in the picture.
There is Cade and Maddy with her picture frame and Cade got in the picture this time.
There is Cade and Mia in the picture but I got in the picture a little bit.  Cade was smiling.
This is daddy with Cade's present for daddy and mom.
These are the presents from momma.

Daddy got a shirt that said "ikr" that mommy made.  It means "I know, right", because daddy always says "ikr!" when Maddy says "I know, right?"
Momma made this shirt for me.  Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya.
Momma made a apron for Mia. La, la, la, la, la.
Momma made an apron for Maddy too.  It says delicious because Maddy always says delicious.  Wa, wa, wa, wa, wa.
Momma made a shirt for said 'cause he likes to say "epic" and she made it for him.  Nee, nee, nee, nee, nee, nee, nee.
There is Cade opening Mia's present for him.
This is Cade's mini me.
Mia painted this picture for Maddy.  She's a good artist.
Mia made a barbie dress and pet shop doggy skirts for me.
We had chicken ya, ya, ya.
We had mashed potatoes, spicy corn, gravy, stuffing, oh ya, ya, ya, ya ,ya.
There is Mia taking her chicken.  Yummy yum yum.
We had chocolate log roll for dessert.  MMMMMMMM.
The End.

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