Friday, August 24, 2012

mother's day with Cade - waaaaaay overdue!

Yes, this is a little pathetic, but I am blogging about Mother's Day.  I didn't realize that I never blogged about this!  Sheesh.

While my memory is of course rather pathetic, I do remember having a great time with my boy.  His class had the mom's in the classroom for some time together and some treats.
First we got to fill out this little booklet.  While everyone was quite serious and all, we had a great time cracking up at the things we wrote about ourselves or each other.  We were off giggling and laughing, catching a few looks from the other moms!

They made a little photo booth area with a bunch of fun props.
Then, of course, we ate.  I don't remember (surprise, surprise) what we had, but I'm pretty sure it was delicious, fattening and gooey.  Oh yeah!  The gooey made me remember.  We had cinnamon rolls!
I loved having this time with my boy.  I wish we had video taped it so we could laugh and giggle while we watched ourselves laugh and giggle.  Good times!

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