Thursday, April 21, 2011

time for a change

First day of Easter break.
Forth day of us at home (with two days of school in between), without daddy and without a car.
Time for some boredom busters.

Since I've changed the curtains and bookshelf in the aquarium, I figured we may as well change the artwork to coordinate a little better.... and ta-da, perfect rainy-stuck-at-home-and-inside activity.
We took down the paintings they did this summer and started over.
 I gave them my paint preferences: blue/turquoise, red, white as the predominant; orange and yellow next and; green, brown and black allowed, but not too much.
Well, they listened to the blue part, but that was about it (okay, Maddy did listen...).
So it wasn't exactly what I wanted, but hey, that is okay.
They are absolutely beautiful, even if they aren't the colors I wanted..
The "theme" was simply nature.
Here is what they painted.
Mia:  waterfall, cherry tree in blossom, and a field of butterflies
 Lucy:  waterfall and a field of flowers
 Maddy: birds on a branch
 Cade: waterfall with a grizzly bear 
 Mia had the idea of painting a waterfall.  Cade and Lucy thought it was a great idea, so they did it too.... but at least they added their own flair.

And all hung on the wall:
Looks like we have four budding artists!

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