Friday, April 22, 2011

braided bread

Way back last weekend, I needed to bring something to the Easter picnic.
Why not Easter bread, I thought.
I was going to make a traditional (not my tradition, but for many others) braided ring with the eggs in it.  The kids thought the idea of the eggs was weird and didn't want that.  Then Mia had the brilliant idea of making it into a cross instead.
So a cross it was.
I used a recipe other than one I would normally make.
It looked good.
 Actually, I made two of them.
One, Maddy and I decided, looked like a guagua de pan so she had a friend got to snuggle with the little baby.
Only for a minute or two.....
I whipped up a little lemon glaze and poured that on.
Looks pretty yummy.
In reality, it was only okay.
A few days later I made another one for Mia's Easter party in her class.  I made it with my cinnamon bun recipe and it was about five hundred times better.
Okay, maybe not quite 500, but really, really good.
That one was more of a twisted cinnamon braided thing, and then slathered on cream cheese icing.
As tasty as it was, the kids did miss the lemon glaze.
So next time, it is braided bread, using the cinnamon bun recipe but with lemon glaze.
We'll see if we can please everyone!

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