Thursday, April 7, 2011

100 yummy buns

And I'm not talking about 50 cute little babies.
I'm talking about cinnamon buns.

Oh, how I love cinnamon buns.
Unfortunately these buns aren't for me. They are for a fundraiser. One of the boy's (Casa G.) moms needs to raise money for something or other (again, slowness in Spanish a hinderance). So the boys are making fruit salad - a whole whack of it (that is an Ecuadorian term of measurement, you know), and two of us ladies volunteered to make cinnamon buns. Then the boys will sell it at their church after the service this Sunday.

The house smells so good.
And yes, we are keeping a dozen for ourselves.

Did you know that if you eat too much yeast dough, particularly in a high altitude environment where dough rises higher than at sea level, and it sits in your stomach - a nice, lovely and cozy warm place, your stomach can distend so much from the rising of the dough that you can look like you are in the 18th week of your fourth pregnancy, and it can be even more uncomfortable than that time in your life?
I'm naturally not talking about myself and my particular situation.
It is just a hypothetical "did you know" situation to show you how smart I am.

Yes, I really am that smart.

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