Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fairy pencils

What am I still doing up?
It is way too late and I should be in bed.

Eric is gone for the night and I always stay up later when he is gone.
(Because when he is home he treats me like his child and makes me go to bed at a semi-decent hour.... Doesn't he know I can take care of myself? Okay, obviously not...)

It really should be the opposite - I should go to bed earlier when he is gone because that mean I have to get my lazy carcass out of bed for sure in the morning!

Anyway.... what was I supposed to be writing?

Oh, ya, fairy pencils!

So, today I was talking with an Ecuadorian friend.
She was telling me about a friend of hers from her church who recently had a baby. They discovered (I think I am getting the story right, but I loose a lot of accuracy with the Spanish) that the baby has some kind of disease in her blood and for some reason, as a result, the mother has to feed her formula instead of nursing her.
Formula is expensive.
Formula is really expensive here.... and the family is quite poor.

So, this mother is creatively and, I think - brilliantly and beautifully, trying to make money to pay for this formula that the baby needs.
She is making these:
They are little fairies on cute pencils.
Her work is really good - and I'm a bit of a craft snob.
I get pretty perfectionistic, but this ladies does a beautiful job!
Great details.
I bought these today from my friend and put in an order for 6 more.
They will be used as party favors for Lucy's up and coming 6th birthday.
She is only charging $2 a piece.

So, I thought I would use my fame
(I am so funny - that's a good one)
to see if anyone would like to buy some.

I am very willing and eager to pay for them now and bring them to anyone in the US or Canada who wants to support her cause.
I'll hand deliver or mail, if need be.
I love that she is not looking for a hand-out but is doing what she can to support her baby.

They would be great stocking stuffers, a little extra gift tied onto the outside of a birthday present, party favors or just an "I love you" special treat for a young girl.

So if you want any, please let me know and I'll put in an order and bring them down this summer!

I'm off to bed.....

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