Tuesday, April 12, 2011

forget the spinach, Popeye!

So, almost two weeks ago, Cade came home from school because he was "sick".
He was very energetic and happy for being "sick".
My poor "sick" kid was running around, playing, wanting to eat all kinds of stuff....
He didn't even have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to make him "sick".
(His claim, for several days when also said he was "sick", was that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches gave him diarrhea.  Once we switched back to peanut butter and honey, he wasn't "sick" anymore!)

Well, in spite of the interruption to my very busy schedule, I tried to continue on with my regular activities (only stopping for a few hours to have him annihilate me in Wii Mario Kart over and over and over).
One of those such activities is exercise.
I'm trying.....

I do a brief workout video that requires hand weights.
I don't have hand weights.
Hand weights are expensive here.
But I do have:
 Not much, not heavy, but at least its something, right?
Well Cade thought that was about the funniest thing ever - that I was using cans of corn while I was working out. 
(It was only about the funniest thing ever because thee funniest thing ever was certain noises my body made, that I couldn't control, while doing jumping jacks.... I blame it entirely on giving birth to four children!)  
Oh, and the next funniest thing, after the corn, was my sticking my booty in his face while I was doing squats!  Hey - small room, he was on the couch, where else was I supposed to do it?
So he had a great time, at my expense, while I worked out.
At times I was laughing so hard I could hardly lift those pathetically light cans of corn!

Well, the whole time, while I'm working out, he is telling me that he is hungry.
He's soooo hungry - just like most "sick" kids are.
What was he hungry for?
Yup, corn.
I finished working out and he ate my dumbbell.

The entire thing.

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