Thursday, April 14, 2011

ding, ding, ding.... round one goes to Cade

Eric is gone - went to the US for a week.
That means I get a big huge bed all to myself.

Or not.

I was wondering who was going to finagle their way into my room and by what means they would make this attempt.
They like to kick Daddy out of bed and snuggle up with Mama on the best of days, but when they don't have to go to the work of finding a reason why they should share our bed, life seems to get better in their eyes.
(I don't quite get the whole thing anyway - I mean, we're just sleeping - or at least they are.  They sleep and don't even realize who is sleeping beside them.  I sort of sleep and realize that one of them is thrashing around next to me.)

Well, attempt number one was a good one.
It will be a tough act to follow:

Cade, after already being told he needed to sleep in this own bed, "accidently" spilled his entire water bottle full of water on his bed.
I asked him what happened and he said:
"Well, apparently (yes, he said "Well, apparently"..... apparently he listens to how I talk....) the lid on my bottle wasn't on all the way and all the water spilled out."
And apparently he turned his water bottle upside down in the middle of his bed.
The miraculous thing about this accident is that only the sheet got big pile of water.
The blankets - completely dry.
The pillow - completely dry.
His pajamas - about four drops of water on them.
(That must have been where the "accident" happened.)

I was in the middle of bible study with 6 wonderful women, so I didn't want to take time to change the sheets...... besides, the mattress was probably wet too.
Therefore, to reward his creativity in deception skills, I let him sleep in bed with me.
Parenting at its finest.

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