Friday, April 15, 2011

round two - ding, ding, ding Maddy: the clear winner

I thought Cade couldn't be beat.
They said it couldn't be done.
But then came Maddy.

She went to some seriously extreme measures to weasel her way into not just my bed, but Daddy's blankets as well.
She loves our down comforters and the sweetness of it is that when she climbed into bed and snuggled up with Eric's blanket, she said, with a big smile on her face, "It smells like Daddy!"

Sweet and cute?
But don't be fooled - this one is a schemer.

Her plan, to sleep in the master (therefore: best) bed must have started days ago.  
She's a thinker, that one.
She managed to convince some people to back out of chaperoning a band trip so that our friends, the Douce's had to go instead.  Then she manipulated our other friends, Miguel and Desi,  to have their bible study go late so that Miguel couldn't go all the way home so late at night.... therefore requiring to stay at the Douce's house while they weren't there.   He therefore then needing to kick his fiancee, Desi, out (who lives there), so as not to be inappropriate, and causing her to need a place to stay.  Then Maddy twisted Desi's mind into believing that our house, and her room, in particular, was the best place to stay. So Desi called to see if she could spend the night.  Naturally, Maddy then needed a different place to sleep and my big bed was the best option.

That is some seriously detailed planning just for one night of sleeping beside her mother.
Who knew I was so wonderful?

Do you see the complicated lengths these children will go just to be with me?
I must be one amazing mom.

On the other hand, simplicity works as well.

Lucy, for example, has spent part of both of the last two nights in bed with me.
Night number one: bad dream
Night number two: had a little accident

Maybe in light of that, Lucy is the most clever of them all.

So here are the stats:
Mia: 0 for 2
Cade: 1 of 2
Maddy: 1 of 2
Lucy: 2 for 2

Those children might just be seriously underestimating their baby sister!

After keeping the stats I wonder:
Does Mia really love me?.....

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