Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter picnic

Sunday we were invited to an Easter picnic.
So we played the rebels, skipped Casa G., and joined in the revelry.
Okay, it wasn't really "revelry" in the sense of you know, revelry, it was a just a fun family party.

I had a hard time deciding what to do as I really still wanted to do our regular Sunday at Casa G.   I wanted the boys to see that we still want to be with them regardless of whether Eric is there or not.  But the kids (and I!) really needed a distraction and fun, so we choose the picnic.
It was a good choice.
While very soggy - we've more rain than anyone cares to have - the spirits were certainly not damp.

We dyed eggs -
with the coolest little egg-dying contraptions I've ever seen.
As another party-goer said - they looked like little individual spas for the eggs.
I would be very happy to have one my size, minus the food coloring, naturally.
Of course, if they had a natural tan color, I might be up for that.
Lucy got to bring Bubbles the Monkey...  Bubbles is her kindergarten class' friend whom they take turns bringing home on the weekends.
Bubbles had a fabulous time, let me tell you.
(Side note: Do kids get any cuter than that?
I mean seriously.  I really don't think it is possible.)

We hid eggs.
We looked for eggs.
We found eggs.
(Cade is trying to show off all the eggs he found.  Apparently I should have had him turn around so he was not looking into the sun!)
A little better....
We ate eggs.
Cade forgot to peel his first.
I jest...

We cracked eggs (on each others' heads).
And pretty much did every egg-type activity you could want.

Lucy got a little magnifying glass in one of her eggs.
Either that or she as an abnormally sized eyeball.

Our friends even had a parachute.
Mia was giggling so hard to couldn't hold onto the parachute.

The only downside of the event was that Cade became a member of a gang.
They are pretty terrifying.
But I'm willing to take the bad with the good.  

It threatened to rain on and off the entire afternoon but it didn't actually start until we were done.
Once again, we were so thankful it held off - it was great to be able to get outside, be with friends, and have a fun something to get our minds off of our woes - it had been a tough weekend.

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