Tuesday, April 5, 2011

giving thanks

Way back when in December we went to the beach.
Way back when at the beach I found this lovely piece of scrap wood.
It must have been a piece of siding from some building or sign.
But I knew I had to have it.

Okay, I just really wanted it.

Naturally, everyone we went with thought I was psycho.... who would want a stupid piece of rough, dilapidated wood?
(Eric also thought I was psycho, but he is much more used to it.)

Ignoring their lack of taste, I hauled it back with me and a few weeks later decided what to do with it.

Make a sign.

So I cut out letters from contact paper and stuck them on the board.
Then I painted the words using the stencil.
The words were a little too "perfect" for my liking, especially with the roughness of the wood and painting, so I sanded it up.

Now it hangs in our entryway.
It is a good reminder for us.
(Initially I thought maybe we could use it as a spanking paddle for anyone with an ungrateful heart..... That didn't fly.)

We, every member of our family included, are not naturally grateful people.
Yes, we all have incredibly sunny dispositions (hahahahahahaha! that's a good one!), but we don't tend to focus on the positive.
There is a distinct need for intentionally and purposefully being thankful for all that we have.

It is a little symbolic for me.
It is a beat-up, rough piece of discard.
But with a little positive attitude, creativity, gratitude and tender care
(okay, I used sandpaper on the thing.... I know that's not so tender, but you get my meaning....),
we can turn a negative thing into a positive thing.

I hope, in some small way, this little sign, for which I am extremely thankful, will help us remember to be grateful..... even without having to paddle it on our backsides!

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