Saturday, March 12, 2011

fears realized

I just finished posting about making chocolate.
About 5 minutes prior to that, we had the loudest and closest clap of thunder and flash of lightning any of had ever experienced.
It shock us to our core and was rather frightening.

When we got back to our cabaña after making chocolate, this is what we saw.
Smoke from one of the other cabañas.
And workers climbing all over and around it.

That lightning stuck a cabaña only 50 yards away from ours.
By the time we saw it, about an hour later, the fire was out and there was just smoldering left while the workers pull out smoking sheaves of the roof.

Our darling daughter's worst fear is that of fire.
She started crying and shaking.

Eric used this as an opportunity to show her that God is in control.
That God had the lightning strike a cabaña that didn't have anyone in it.
That He chose to protect us.
That the fire was put out before anything serious happened.
Not that God may always choose to do this, but He did.
And He is in control.
And He wants the best for us.

At first, when it happened and I saw her reaction, I thought we were in for trouble.
But as with everything, we pray that God uses these things to teach us the truth of His power, love and care.

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