Tuesday, March 15, 2011

creating catch-up

There are a few little creative projects that I haven't put on here.....
I figure I may as well post them.

Lucy had a plain navy blue long sleeve shirt that there is no way in the world she was going to wear.
Too plain. Nothing cute about it.
She always tells me, with anything that she doesn't wear, that if I put flowers on it, she'll wear it.
So flowers it was.
little bit closer....
I made some rolled fabric flowers and stitched those on.
Then did some free-motion sewing of some stems and leaves.
It actually turned out really cute.
And now, Lucy wears that navy blue shirt....
Yup, she still doesn't wear it.
I like to think it is because it is so special to her that she doesn't want to risk wrecking it.


I get pretty sick of the question "Mom, what are we having for dinner?"
It comes with boring regularity.
It is a constant, inevitable question.
Why in the world can't they just have a surprise?

Okay, well, I guess they can't.
So I made a little menu board.
and a little bit closer.....
Painted a cheap frame to match the kitchen cupboards.
Made a blank background with the words (Spanish, of course) and the little pear pictures.
Each week I write, with white board marker, what we are going to have for dinner.
And now, the kids ask that same question....
Yup, they still ask it.
At least I can answer "go check the board".

Lucy wanted a canopy over her bed.
Okay, that's not true.
Mia actually wanted one about 5 years ago so I thought I would fulfill her dreams through the pleasure and delight of her baby sister.

Mom of the year..... that's me.

So I made a canopy thingy.
Yes, her mattress still is on the floor.
So is Eric's and mine, okay?
I took an extra panel of sheer curtains that are all over this rental house, sewed a pocket close to the top, inserted the outer part of an embroidery hoop through the pocket, stitched on some ribbon to hang it (and embellish it) and stuck it on a hook that was already in the ceiling.
And now, Mia's desires are....
not satisfied.
Yup, 'cause she doesn't desire it anymore.
But Lucy is quite thrilled.

Thanks Mia for the good idea....

And a little sneak peek of what I am working on now.
(its really not that thrilling, but I'm doing what I can to make it sound exciting)

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  1. menu board = GENIUS. canopy = lovely. flowers on t-shirt = adorable.
    you are an amazing woman...