Saturday, March 12, 2011

palm nut rings

Another thing we were able to do at Arashá was make rings.
First the instructor took a palm nut and cut it into pieces/slices.
The core - the actual "nut" part, popped out to leave a ring of "shell".
We simply had to sand the ring.
First the inside
and then the outside.
Lots of sanding.
Lots and lots and lots.
(as evidenced by all the sawdust on my lap)
For the outside, we started with 100 grit paper, moved to 150 and then 300.
Finally, we polished the rings with the opposite side of the sandpaper.
Starting from the back:
The palm nut whole.
A cross section.
A slice with the center out.
Maddy's finished ring.

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