Monday, March 7, 2011

Christmas - two months late

The kids love their P.E. teacher.
Pretty much every kid loves the P.E. teacher at the school.
And he is pretty cool.

Well, the kids wanted to give him a special Christmas gift.
Problem was that I just plain ran out of time to make a gift and we didn't know of anything "special" to buy for him.
So we were a little late.

Two months to the day, to be exact.

I made him I shirt - my first attempt at stenciling with freezer paper.

Cut the design or letters out of freezer paper.
Iron it onto the t-shirt, shiny side down.
Paint the whole area - I used regular acrylic paint although I would have preferred fabric paint. Acrylic leaves it kind of stiff. But it works.
I also would have liked to use red. But I was out.
Green it was.
Once it all dries, remove the freezer paper, and ta-da! your very own personalized shirt!
Ya, lousy picture, I know.
It was dark and grey outside but I had to get the picture done so we could get the gift to him.
I'm sure you understand.....

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