Monday, March 7, 2011


It's a holiday.
No school all week.

It is Carnival.
Something like Mardi Gras, but from all I can tell, it is a whole lot more tame.
The only thing we've heard that goes on is people dumping water on each other.
Or spray foam and silly string.
And if you go outside the city, flour and eggs are thrown as well.

Maybe they are trying to make cakes?

I think the rain has put a bit of a damper (excuse the pun) on the whole dumping water business, though. Not so much fun to throw water at people who are already wet - or are stuck inside their houses because of the lousy weather.

Well, we made the most of it!

Our friends invited us over for our own Carnival water-fight.
It was raining, but that certainly did not dampen (I'm so punny) our spirits.
The kids "before".
It isn't exactly an accurate before, since they are already a little damp and foamy.
But the big business began
(sign of a great writer - alliteration..... I must be awesome with four "b"s almost in a row)
when we hit the park.

Mr. B against Lucy and Molly.
Mia acquiring ammunition.
(notice the speckles of foam on her face)
Mr. B. and Eric (in full rain gear - cheater) being assaulted by Mrs. B, Maddy and Molly.
Maddy and Mikala on an all-out assault against Mrs. B.
All the attacks were too much for Mr. B.
Either that or he's seen one too many gangsta movies.
Snow in Quito!
Or bottled foam spray stuff thanks to Jordan.
(no, he doesn't go to school on a short bus - he wisely wore his helmet to combat water balloon assaults.
Eric has enough of 13-year-old-girls.
And has even more than enough of his own 13-year-old girl in particular. Lucy enjoys seeing daddy beat up on Maddy.
The whole gang - very wet.
Very very wet.
Especially since it was raining the whole time.
Everyone was very cold.
About as cold as they were wet.

We went back to the B's house, trashed it with our dirty, wet clothes, and warmed up with some hot chocolate.
After we had our bellies full of fabulous fajitas (note: more alliteration), and delightful conversation, it was home time.

Carnival is great.
Good friends are even greater.

We are so so thankful for our friends.
We are richly blessed.

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