Monday, February 28, 2011

sharing the bed

We have definitely been in a bed time funk for the last little while.
Inevitably one or more of the kids ends up in bed with me.
It started as one of those the-kids-are-sick-or-going-through-a-tough-time-empathy things, so we let them climb in bed with us. At times we let them pretty much oust Eric out of bed all together - a trading places kind of thing. One of them would sleep in his spot and he would sleep in their bed.
But things have gotten just a little carried away.

No more.
Tonight I put my foot down.
I would like to share my bed with only my husband, thank you very much.

Problem is, after I put my foot down (and dealt with tears, bad dreams a mere 3 minutes after they were tucked in bed... "yes, I was asleep and did wake up and had a nightmare", and all that other rot), I realized that I wouldn't be sharing my bed with my husband after all.

My husband, being the most wonderful and caring man out there, volunteered to spend the night at the hospital with Karlita.
(hearts are currently melting.... do you wish you married someone so great?)
I didn't ask him to. He knew they needed someone and so he volunteered.

He also mentioned to me that he will not be returning home with her in his arms and one night stay with this little gem is not going to convince him that we need to adopt her or any other precious little orphan child who desperately needs a home and some loving parents.
Okay - he didn't say that last part, about needing the home and parents. I put that in, just in case he reads this... so he might feel guilted into adoption.

Yah, yah, I know.
Guilt is never a good reason to do something like that.

Well, regardless of his lack of desire to adopt, he still is rather wonderful.
I really don't think the thought of helping out in this way would enter the heads of many men.

Just one of the reasons why I really like him.

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