Saturday, February 26, 2011

shoulda brought my camera

We had a rare treat today.

Our guard invited us and the family above us over to his house for a party today.
We didn't know until we got there, but it was a party for his oldest son who recently graduated.

I'm just kicking myself for not bringing my camera.
It was a feast for the eyes.

They live a little way out of the city in an area that is much less congested.
It is obviously a poorer area but it set in a beautiful valley.
Once we found it - yes we took a bit of time trying to find the place - we were appropriately late, just like good Ecuadorians.

They have been building their house and is halfway done. All cinder block and concrete. Dirt, dust, broken furniture, etc. everywhere. And a little rabbit house - not for pets, if you know what I'm saying.
I was going to try to describe it all, but it just doesn't work to do that.... so you'll have to wait for pictures.

We had pork.
A full side of a pig, cooked in this great outdoor brick oven thingy.
They carried it out on a big palette, kind of like a old cot you would see them haul injured people out of the helicopter like on M*A*S*H*.

And it was good.
Really good.

After we ate, we danced.
Okay, I danced.
And the Ecuadorians (about 20 other people?) danced.
And I made Lucy dance with me.
I know my family thought I was a freak - they always do.
And I'm pretty sure that the Ecuadorians all thought I was a freak too.
But I had a good time.

We had another party to go to later (well, we were supposed to but it didn't work out), so we had to leave early. The rest of the group probably is still there, and will be until 2:00.

This treat might not be so rare after a little while.
Juan already talked about having us over again in a month or so.

Maybe next time I'll bring my camera!

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