Friday, February 11, 2011


One of our children suffers from a lot of fear.
Fear has gripped her from the very beginning.

Even when she was a wee tiny tot (she's still not so large), her fears took over.
If she was near a dog - any dog - even an almost-dead-completely-deaf-laying-and-barely-moving-dog - she would cry and start shaking.
We would pick her up and her poor little sweet body would involuntarily quiver and shake.
She never even had a nasty encounter with a dog, nor any other animal.

Now, she is mostly okay with them, but she fears many things.
To make matters worse, she is studying weather and such things in school right now.
Stuff like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes (and a big one - how they can cause fires), tsunamis, and all sorts of lovely and delicious-for-the-imagination things like that.

We have been praying every night and often during the day.
We look at verses from the bible, reminding us of who God is, His love for us, His complete control over everything, and that He will always, always be with us.

Finally, I realized that I should do something more concrete to help.
(The bonus is that I could use it as an excuse for another crafty project!)

While in Maryland, I bought a bunch of these chip board books at Michael's.
I got about 12 of them for 20 cents each!!
I wanted to buy every single one they had, but since packing space is always an issue.....

My intent was to use them to do a craft with the girls who are in the foundation, helping them get out, and protecting them from the sex trafficking situation here.
I will hopefully still do that with the remaining 11.

In decoupage fashion, I covered all the pages with random scrapbook paper that I have. Then I typed out and printed off several verses, and glued them on the pages. I added a few embellishments, and the book was done.

I took pictures of all the pages together, but realized that you couldn't read the verses.
Since the verses are the key piece of this little number, I decided to take pictures of each page.

And the finished book.
I used one of those lovely 3M hooks and attached it to her bunk bed.... right beside her cute little head.
Yes, you can buy 3M hooks here.
All you have to do is surrender your passport and drivers license, your second born child - they don't go so far as requiring your first born, give a blood sample and, do a finger print scan.
You think I jest.
Okay, well, I do jest, but they are really, really expensive.
Fortunately, these are imported from my sister-in-law.
I'm pretty sure I haven't paid her back for them.

Moving on.

We also put a push light (also imported from the good ol' US of A) over her.
So now, when she is faced with her fears, especially at night, she can pop on her light, grab her book and spend some time with Jesus.
He is the Ultimate Comforter.

My prayer for her is that God would take this fear and make it into faith;
Faith stronger than the Fear.

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