Monday, February 7, 2011

ah, despicable me! aka: birthday party for a 13-year-old

We had a party.
Yup, another one.
This one was a month and a half over due.... but at least we did it, right?

Maddy wanted to do a movie on the roof, with 50 of her closest, most intimate friends.
(we narrowed it down to 25....)
We showed one of our new family favorite movies:
(Do you like the tape job on that poster? The masking tape really sets off the beauty, doesn't it.)
The white balloons were supposed to look like those old style lights around a marquee sign.
Um, they don't.

I made cupcakes.
I should have really taken one out of the tray to take a picture, but you get the idea...
They are supposed to look like little containers of popcorn.
I made wrappers for the cupcakes on the computer, cut them out and Maddy wrapped them around. Maddy and Mia helped me cut marshmallows to look like popcorn. And then we painted a little yellow food coloring on them to look like butter.
They were pretty darn cute.

Most of the evening was a comedy of errors 'n' things.
We had set out to borrow 2 white tents - one was going to be for the concession stand.
Maddy and I made signs, I was going to put lights up, I got all the containers so it would kind of be like getting food at a real theatre....
But it ended up looking like this:
Yes, so, the people who own the tents forgot that they had lent one out to someone else. So we got one - no problem, one is fine, I thought.
Except that 1) we couldn't figure out how to put it up and; 2) when we did figure it out (after a few phone calls), we discovered that not all the pieces were there.
So no cute white tent with scalloped edges that I could decorate.

But we did have soda, popcorn, nachos with cheese sauce (found a great recipe not using Velveeta cheese.... does not exist here. It was scrumpdilisious!), twizzlers (brought back from my trip) and manichos (little chocolate bars with peanuts).
I discovered that this particular group of kids are not popcorn fans, even though I spent a great deal of time popping 22 bags of popcorn and pouring real melted butter in them all.
But I am not bitter.
No, not me.

Moving on....
Poor Eric (and our neighbor).
After playing flag football all day, they moved our sofas down a flight of stairs and then up two flights. They were so pooped already, and then they did this.
Heros really.
They need capes.

So after all that moving everything up there, it started to thunder....
and worse than thunder, teenagers started to arrive.
Some were early.
We were behind.
Aren't South Americans supposed to be late to everything?
Okay, back to the thunder.
And rain clouds.

One of the girls said that you had to put three "x"s somewhere, and that would keep the rain away.
In the spirit of being the coolest and most funnest mom ever, I gave her six straws and some tape so she could do her thing.
The creepy thing was that it didn't rain until someone lay some things over the three x-es.
Within minutes it started to drizzle.
No joke.
Someone removed the things off the x-es, and it stopped raining.
Still no joke.
Although it kind of was a joke, because we were all laughing pretty hard about it.
(Perhaps God had a little more to do with the rain than the x-es, though!)

We finally got everything set up and then realized that the projector we borrowed didn't work.
Eric fussed with it plenty, but no progress.
So he called someone else we knew had a projector and went to go and get it.

In the meantime, we attempted to light the birthday candles so we could sing to Maddy.

Five matches later and no lit candles.
Maddy and I had a bunch of the kids gather around to form a shield from the breeze.
I, very rapidly, lit the candles.
We, very rapidly, sang happy birthday.
Maddy, very rapidly, blew out her candles.
(just for point of reference - my favorite volcano - Cotopaxi, is just behind Maddy)

Eric got back, set up the new projector and we were off and running.
We brought out lots of blankets and cushions too.
It got a little nippy.
This was before that nippy weather set in:
After the movie, we had planned to play Wii on the big screen.
Problem was that the new projector didn't have the right thingies for plugging in the Wii.

So Eric, since he had nothing better to do, hauled our TV up there and set up the Wii to that.
It was far from big screen, but fun (hopefully.... hard to read the crowd), none-the-less.
Once the party was over, we took down all the furniture and stuff (our neighbor, who is a early to bed kind of guy, fell asleep on the couch so that he would hear us when we were done and could help Eric bring the stuff back down.... now that is one kind, thoughtful and helpful person).
And we took down the x-es.
Within minutes, I kid you not, it started raining.
We were very thankful.
Dry furniture is a good thing.
It was one of those God things - a blessing that He allowed us to have a dry party (in more ways than one!).

After all was said and done, Maddy opened her gifts.
(Opening gifts in front of guests is a no-no here.)
Notice all the smelly stuff?
(or the smell-good kind of stuff, if that's what you are into...)

Maddy must have a reputation for being stinky or something....
the majority of her gifts were scented!

(only kidding, of course!...
love you Maddy!)

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